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研讨会s on Export Compliance for Industry, Governments and Institutions

The Export Compliance Training Institute, (ECTI) offers live seminars for comprehensive training on U.S. export control regulations administered by the U.S. Departments of State (ITAR), Commerce (耳朵) & 财政部(OFAC). Export Control Reform (ECR) changes from the past several years have made it more important than ever to stay current on the rules. These changes can be a real benefit to your organization once you understand how to adapt and maximize the benefit of list shifts from the United States Munitions List (USML) to the Commerce Control List (CCL), as well as how to apply the new definition of “specially designed” in the 耳朵 to benefit your organization.

U.S. Export Controls apply differently to U.S. organizations and organizations not physically located in the U.S. The export compliance experts have developed training for both groups.

LOL外围下注的 教练 are widely respected experts in the field of export control compliance with over 25 years of experience in interpreting and applying the rules of both the 耳朵 and the ITAR. Expect to leave these ECTI seminars with an in-depth understanding of what the current export regulations are and what you need to do to keep your organization compliant.


ITAR的控制 & 耳朵/OFAC Export Controls

研讨会系列 U.S.位于 公司

The following comprehensive training options have been specifically developed for companies physically located inside the U.S., even if your parent company is a non-U.S. 实体.

ITAR Defense Trade Controls
为期两天的研讨会 (第一天 & 2 IN EACH SEMINAR LOCATION)

耳朵/耳朵 Export Controls 
为期两天的研讨会 (一天3 & 4 IN EACH SEMINAR LOCATION)

This seminar series provides both novice and experienced export compliance professionals with an in-depth education on the ITAR, 耳朵 & 外国资产控制办公室规定. The series consists of two two-day seminars. You can attend either training event or both.

U.S. Export Controls on Non-U.S. 交易 (ITAR, 耳朵 and OFAC)

研讨会系列 NON-US位于 公司

The following comprehensive training options have been specifically developed for companies physically located outside of the U.S. This would include non-U.S. companies outside of the U.S., as well as parents, subsidiaries and affiliates of U.S. organizations in foreign locations.

ITAR US Defense Trade Controls 
为期两天的研讨会 (第一天 & 2 IN EACH SEMINAR LOCATION)

耳朵 & 外国资产控制办公室商业 & Military Export Controls & 禁运 
为期两天的研讨会 (一天3 & 4 IN EACH SEMINAR LOCATION)

美国.S. government can impose serious penalties for U.S. 和班.S. organizations who fail to comply with the extra-territorial U.S. rules: ITAR, 耳朵, and OFAC. This can include monetary fines, a loss of US government contracts, or a complete ban from receiving any U.S. 项目.

University Export Controls

L耳朵N MORE >>

ECTI’s comprehensive and practical export compliance training focuses on the issues relevant to universities, research laboratories, and industry sponsors.

  • Fundamental Research Exclusion
  • Compliance Programs in the University Environment
  • Collaborating with Faculty & 研究人员
  • OFAC Sanctions and Compliance
  • Embargoed Country Destinations
  • 更多!


Upcoming Live LOL外围下注

The Export Compliance Training Institute, Inc. (ECTI) live webinars combine PowerPoint slides and streaming live video to keep topics interesting and informative. All webinars include a 60-minute presentation followed by a 30-minute comprehensive Q&一个会话. All attendees receive a copy of the presentation, certificate of completion, and access to the recorded version of the webinar via ECTI学院.

美国经济的年中更新.S. Export Controls and Sanctions 2024

Air Date: June 26, 2024
教练: 斯科特Gearity

Want to be brought current on developments in export controls over the first half of the year in just 90 minutes? ECTI is here for you.

“I have now had both the 耳朵 and ITAR training and I am eternally grateful. I attended when I was new to the field and the speakers took a crazy, scary set of laws and made them much less intimidating. I left each time with more knowledge and drive to go back to my program and apply what I had learned to improve my compliance. I loved to ask questions – because answers were quick, witty and trustworthy. The speakers are knowledgeable and so friendly and make themselves available for questions – 100% worth the money!”  更多的评论